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Dr. John Kane, DC
Bloomfield, NJ

Acute Back Pain Relieved in 40 Minutes


  Acute Back Pain Relieved in 40 Minutes

An 80 yr old patient that I treat from time to time called on a Sunday with lower back spasms from a fall on a sidewalk the previous evening. Her daughter drove her to the office. The patient was taking small, deliberate steps and said she felt like she was hit by a truck. Her level of pain was 8 out of a high of 10. She had a couple of other issues to address. Her brother had recently passed away so she was grieving and the last time she went to visit him she came back with upper back spasms. She was afraid that if she went to the funeral she would come home again in pain.

After some mild manipulation and the NMT-Sensory Motor pathway, she felt more than 50% better but was still walking guardedly. I felt that her fear of pain was preventing her from walking more naturally and if untreated would cause her problem to return once she left the office. We first talked about her brother and her fears on air travel to bring to awareness informational faults regarding those issues and treated them.

I had her sit in a chair sideways as if she was getting in a car to raise to her awareness more faults. I asked her to picture herself running around the office and this raised to her awareness this fear about what she could and could not do and we treated her for those informational faults. I then had her walk around the table fast, which raised more fear and faults, which were treated. Then I had her jog around my adjusting table and more faults showed. Finally I told her we were going outside so that she could run behind my car in the park. More faults were brought to her awareness and I treated those. So by this time she was walking/jogging normally without pain.

When I opened the office door, I told her to run to her daughter who was sitting in the waiting room. She did. The daughter said, “Wow! You must be really feeling better”, and then turned to me and said, "I need to start coming here.”

-Dr. John Kane, DC



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