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Dr. Rindie Coker, DN
Morris, IL

NMT in Fertility Cases


  NMT in Fertility Cases

It is amazing how quickly NMT can work for fertility issues. Just last week I learned that my second "NMT baby" is on the way. The couple came in together for the first visit. They had been off birth control 4 years and charting fertility for 2, but no pregnancy. Medical tests did not show any clear physical reason for not conceiving, as is so often the case. Visit one we corrected AP for the couple and a reaction to sperm with the prospective mother, and MFP with the dad. I checked them both for zinc deficiency with a zinc sulfate solution, and since neither one tasted anything put them on Gammadyn Zn from Seroyal. I expected SMP corrections on the next visit but instead got ACS Vitality and lots and lots of EEIs.

By the next visit(3 weeks later) I had a feeling she was pregnant. We worked on System Sensitivity and Reactivity, and more Morphic FP. The last visit was Miasm Field for her and Generic Information Fault for the baby to clear residual miasmic influence. From here we'll check periodically to make sure all is well.

So here's a clear case of how letting the ACS determine the pathways leads to the desired results. It took 2 months and 3 visits for her to get pregnant after years of trying.

Thanks for the heads-up about conceiving again rapidly, Les.

Rindie Coker



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