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Linda Allchin, RN
Livonia, MI

NMT in Children


  NMT in Children

I am a NMT practitioner who worked with a 2-year-old child that was adopted from an orphanage in China when she was 6 months old. The conditions at the orphanage were less than ideal but the adopted mother had no way of knowing what the child had experienced. Now at age 2, she was terrified of having a bath to the degree that her mother could only bathe her once a week, and that was very traumatizing. She also had frequent nightmares. We worked predominately with anything we imagined might have happened in the orphanage or what the child might have experienced emotionally. After two visits the child was tolerating her baths better, and after four visits, the baths were completely trauma free and the nightmares had stopped. I recently treated the second adopted child for anything she may have picked up at the orphanage (although her experience seemed much less traumatic than the first child's) and a year and a half later, the first child is still doing fine.

Children do extremely well with NMT - the conscious understanding is important on the part of the practitioner, not the client. Your child's other than conscious nervous system will get the message and clear whatever is addressed and pertinent to them. Good luck and keep the NMT faith.

Linda Allchin



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