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Dr. Christine Hannafin, Ph.D.
West Chester, PA

I encourage other Psychologists and Psychotherapists to take NMT.


  I encourage other Psychologists and Psychotherapists to take NMT.

I have taken a number of holistic, integrative studies that included practitioners of both mind and body. My professional peers, who are doctors of the body, raved over the results they were getting after using NMT. I was curious, and took the NMT training, although I am a licensed psychotherapist, with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.

My sister asked if she could come with me as I took the NMT Comprehensive course, to be a demonstration person. She has a twisted spine, and had been in a serious automobile accident. Her pain was severe (SUDS level of 9 to 10 most days), for the year and a half following the injury.

She saw traditional doctors, who gave various prescriptions, and said they did not know how to help her. They never saw anything like it. Mary Linda had 25 cranial-sacral treatments, and chiropractic once or twice a week for the year and a half. She used medications, NET, reflexology, pain magnets and potions, prayer groups, many massages, homeopathy, essential oils, etc.

At best, her pain level went to a level 5, for perhaps half a day.

I emailed NMT, to ask if she was an appropriate demonstration person. Dr. Feinberg personally responded and asked for a list of her symptoms, and a list of what she had tried.

I felt sure that he would not want such a case, as so many doctors and practitioners had failed to produce much of a difference, none of it lasting. He would be demonstrating for a group of doctors and various practioners, and wanting a success story.

After I sent the long lists, Dr. Feinberg replied that she was just the kind of person he likes to demonstrate with!

It was a heartbreaking sight to see my sister show her extremely limited range of motion, when she was on the teaching platform. Her face winced with the pain as she attempted to move. She was greatly improved, smiling big, after her first treatment, as the Sensory Motor Pathway was taught.

The next morning, Dr. Feinberg worked with her again, and she was 90% improved, with gleeful smiles. The following morning, when she awoke, her symptoms were 100% gone!

She's an educator, and her class went snow tubing exactly one week after the NMT treatment. Mary Linda went to the top of the hill, and realized there was no other way down, except to snow tube down. She had a blast, enjoying snow tubing for the day! This was one week after being in severe pain, for a year and a half!

During the training, I asked if I could be a demonstration person for the Morphic Field Pathway. I carried maternal guilt, as my son has been injured during a trip that I encouraged him to go on. He has had three back surgeries, pain and limitation.

I felt nothing different during the administration of the Pathway, nor on my flight home, but when I walked in the door to my home, it was like a breath of fresh air. My invisible burden was gone, and has been gone for the year and a half since.

The physical miracle for my sister, and the emotional lift for me, were the deciding factors for me to continue my NMT studies. I felt that it was not moral, for my sister and me to have such benefits, and not bring this help to my corner of the world.

Many of the pathways, particularly in the Comprehensive Training, deal with physical concerns. My background is not in anatomy and physiology, so I did lots of studying, and continue to do so.

It is a pleasure to help my clients with both physical and emotional concerns, in a holistic manner that does no harm. I have assisted people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, wrist problems, food addictions, PTSD, anxiety, depression, neurological damage after contracting malaria, queasiness after cancer treatments, etc.

One 7 year old little girl had little energy, and her parents had to carry her on outings. After just a few NMT sessions, she has normal, boisterous little girl energy. She plays on a softball team, and I'm told she is a good player!

I want to encourage other psychologists and psychotherapists to take the NMT training, and for anyone who has a life, emotional, or physical health issue to avail yourself of NMT.

My best wishes,




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