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NMT Online Support

NMT is developing too rapidly for anyone to just take one seminar and practice this work in isolation!

Our online message board for NMT training support and pathway worksheet downloads are available to members of NMT Online Support. The first month is complimentary with your initial training, and you can begin at any time. After 30 days we ask that practitioners join NMT Online Support for $9.95/month. To give some perspective on the cost, a software or computer support company might charge $100 for a telephone support call that just ends up erasing your hard drive anyway, thank you very much.

So, we think less than 10 dollars a month for the NMT Online Support Program is reasonable for the practitioner who wants to stay connected to NMT, stay in contact with the other NMT Practitioners in our community, and inspire others by contributing their own experiences with the technique on our messaging board.

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.
NMT Founder
NMT : A New Paradigm of Health

Register Online - authorize your Online Support Membersip to be charged $9.95 monthly. No term is required for membership. You may stop or resume your membership at any time.

Online Support is included with your membership - find out more.


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