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is a great new way to recieve NMT Training, Updates, Seminars and more...

NMT Connected membership keeps you up to date with all new material for your training. New NMT manuals and DVDs are sent to you upon release every time a seminar series is updated. Online Support helps you keep in contact with the other NMT Practitioners in our community, and inspire others by contributing your own experiences with the technique on our message board. Attendance at the yearly NMT Symposiums or DVDs of the seminar are also included in your membership.

Keeping you connected helps us to push the forward boundary of development with NMT, because we know you have all of the latest material. And you know that you don’t have to worry about missing any changes in the technique. You’ll be first to get all of it. You’ll never pay for another update again. Ever.

You might think that we're going to have to charge a lot for that. But we figured out how to give you everything for just $149 a month, for the first 12 months, and is discounted to $99 a month there after. For everything. No hidden fees, no small print, and you may cancel at any time after the first 36 months. We won’t ever charge you a fee to re-join either. You may come back at any time and resume your membership with NMT Connected for the discounted price of just $99 a month. We’ll make sure you get anything you might have missed in the time you were away.

You might think we’ve gone a little crazy over at NMT, so let us try to anticipate a few questions that some of you may have.

"Is this some kind of trick where I start paying $149 now and then the price goes up later? Or is there something else I need to purchase?"
Everything you need for your current level of NMT Training is included for as long as you're a member, along with annual Symposium attendance. The price of your membership will never go up. After a 36 month minimum membership, you may cancel at any time and you’re welcome to come back whenever you choose.

"Umm... No charge for the Symposium? Are you guys holding it in a dumpster this year?"
No. It will be the same NMT Symposium that everyone has come to love. Great food, company and presentations as always.

"What’s the catch?"
Nothing. We’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing...

You see, we realized we were putting a lot of the effort of our work at NMT into producing media content for new material as NMT develops, and releasing quality video traning to keep our practitioners up to date. But often having trouble interesting our current practitioners with new seminars and training updates that some people were, well... just tired of paying for. We knew that many of you wanted to stay current with new material, but for some people the cost was prohibitive. We were stuck in an old economic model, and one that many energetic techniques before have followed. Innovate. Promote. Sell Seminars. Ad infinitum

We think we may have found a different approach based on mutual agreement that works much better... for everyone! It's simple. We crunched the numbers, and realized that if enough NMT Practitioners really did want all their training and updates on a regular basis as they were produced, that we could offer everything at a much lower price together than we could with individual training selected separately. Amazingly, we found that we could deliver everything to our members for just $149 a month for the first year. And we could host the Symposium on top of that! Crazy. We had to keep looking at the math, because it seemed too good to be true. But it turns out that if we all agree to meet in the middle, everyone does much better. Who knew?

We aren't going to be focused on selling you seminars anymore. We're becoming media producers for you, our NMT Connected members. The content is the regular series of NMT technique updates, quality DVD training, and seminars that you've seen us produce in the past, and that we will continue to deliver to you. And this changes everything. Now we can focus on producing more great training, offering it at a lower cost to everyone, and continuing to develop NMT.

And we want NMT Practitioners who may have lost touch with us over the years to see the new Universal Care seminars. For $149 a month, anyone who has taken any of our seminars in the past will immediately receive our newest full NMT Universal Care A - C training package, seminar and Symposium attendance, and all the other benefits of NMT Connected membership. If you know someone who might be interested in starting NMT training, they can also recieve the full training immediately with an NMT Connected membership.

NMT Connected Membership Includes: Ongoing technique updates and DVDs for your current training level as released, Online Support, and a choice of yearly attendance at the NMT Symposium or Symposium DVDs.

Sign up before August 31st and as a special welcome; also attend any of our upcoming new Universal Care Level A - C seminars in Portland, OR in 2016.

Upcoming Seminars:
Universal Care Level A: To Be Announced
Universal Care Level B: To Be Announced
Universal Care Level C: To Be Announced
2016 Annual NMT Symposium
November 4-6, 2016

(Seminar attendance is limited to venue seating capacity. We'll determine venue based on previous years’ attendance, current interest and NMT Connected membership levels. If you are planning on attending a seminar in person, please let us know you are coming early so we can reserve your seat - okay, a little small print.)

Coming DVD Updates (delivered to members at no charge - domestic US shipping included):
July Release: Universal Care Healing Pathways Update - Filmed May 2015. This DVD training update includes the new 2 Part Healing Pathways and the new Genetic Chemistry Optimization Pathway, Viral Cascade and Cell Intelligence Pathways, updated pathway worksheet overviews and a lot more.

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NMT Connected is a new choice for training and updates. You may still select any of our seminars, DVDs or other training resources ala carte in our Online Store.


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